Recognition for interest in ARTS

Ocarina Whistle Award

I have always loved art and creating art projects. So when I had to opportunity to take an art class in middle school I took it. I gave that class my all and loved going to the elective every other day. One of my favorite projects was making a clay ocarina whistle. We made the whistle and were allowed to put any animal design we wanted on top. I decided to make a snake sneaking up on a bunny. My design got selected to be showcased in the DASD Board Meeting Building.

Downingtown West Orchestra

During my freshman year of high school, the Downingtown West Orchestra got the opportunity to go to Disney World in Florida to compete against other schools. I went and played the viola for the school orchestra. We all practiced hard and ended up winning first place in our category in the competition.  

Cultural Dance

My sister and I as well as Hip-Hop and Tap dance also used to learn Bollywood. And when given the opportunity to dance at a cultural day at Vanguard we were really excited. We practiced our dances for hours and performed three different dances for Indian music.