Paying it Forward

National Computer Honors Society

As a member of the National Computer Honors Society of Downingtown West High School, I have participated in multiple outreach programs to inform younger children about computers and further their knowledge of technology. One of the programs I co-lead was a Stem Summer Camp for children attending a Downingtown Elementary School. It lasted the span of a week. We taught them about Science by organizing fun experiments like making slime. They learned how to market themselves by making their own companies. We also taught them about basic engineering concepts by helping them make paper plane launchers and paper cars. And finally, we taught the kids simple forms of code on Net Beans.

Helping Senior Residents

Another one of my volunteer activities is volunteering at Ashbridge Senior Living. My role in this activity is to help coordinate fun activities for the residents to enjoy. I assisted them on a trip to Marsh Creek State Park to enjoy the lake. I also helped distribute food at a Pizza Party in the building. I also go to help them with bingo games, making sure all of the residents understand the game and can hear the numbers being called. One activity that I am leading is organizing an orchestra concert for the residents. I contacted all of my friends and have a date where they are going to come and perform one or two pieces each.

Future Business Leaders of America

I also took the role of treasurer for The Future Business Leaders of America club in Downingtown West. This role required me to make sure everyone handed in their checks/money for the club on time for the overall FBLA competition. I worked on a project with my friend and we placed fourth overall in the Business Ethics category. We worked hard as a group and five students from Downingtown West made it to Nationals for their presentations.

Carolling for Syria

A few years ago there was a prominent issue about Syrian refugees suffering through perilous conditions trying to emigrate to safety. My family and I thought this was horrible and this situation hit home because both of my parents immigrated to the United States. It was around the holidays so we gathered up a bunch of our friends and went around my huge neighborhood Christmas caroling. The group practiced three times before we started going to the houses. And we caroled for three days for five hours each. We asked each house for donations and ended up raising over five hundred dollars.

Teaching Tennis 

As I furthered my tennis career I started teaching younger kids to play tennis. My high school tennis coach asked me to assist in teaching him at the sixth-grade center camp for about an hour every week, which I participated in when I was in sixth grade. After that ended he offered me a paid job teaching kids twice a week every Saturday and Sunday for two hours each during the school year. In the summer, currently, I am helping him teach two hours every business day of the week in the mornings. I love helping children and teaching them something I love to do myself!

Girl Gov. Member

I joined Chester County Girl Gov. in my sophomore year of high school. This group gave me a chance to be a leader in my community and advocate for what I believed in. I met a bunch of other passionate and smart girls in this organization and we worked together to discuss what we thought about society and how it can improve. In the girl gov. meeting we got to meet with politicians and get their views of specific topics. For example, we met with Carolyn Comitta to discuss a potential bill advocating for more prominence of sexual education being taught in school. At the end of the school year, we were supposed to take a trip down to Washington DC and take to the state Legislature to see if we could get the bill passed. Sadly our plans did not go through because of the global pandemic.