When I am famous

I live very close to Philadelphia, so my family and I visit very often! However, one specific time we went stood out to me the most. It was around December and it was cold and rainy. Even though the weather was lousy we figured out how to have such a great time! We went to see a play and went to the top of a skyscraper to see the whole view. My sister and I co-wrote a poem called "Rainy, Soggy, Philadelphia" describing our experience. We submitted it to a Philadelphia publisher and our poem got featured in a magazine and published on a website.

Poem Author


I live very close to Marsh Creek State Park in Pennsylvania. So in the summer, this creek is a very popular hangout spot for myself and my friends. I go often and spend hours out on the lake paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing. I have been paddleboarding for a while and thought to myself how to do a headstand on the water. My sister took a picture and we submitted it to the local newspaper and it got featured. 

From early in my life I have always love to draw whether it be doodling on a notebook or sketches that I have worked on for days. So when the opportunity for one of my drawings to get published I jumped on it. My mom is an author and uploads writing pieces monthly to Lindekin. She asked me to illustrate a piece that describes the thinking of an introverted person which went along with the article she had written. The post was widely viewed and I got to showcase my skills to a bunch of different people.